Dr. Andrew Hemmen, board certified in internal medicine, is a vibrant physician living in the southwest U.S and an advocate of self-improvement and better living. In recent years, Dr. Hemmen has become particularly interested in human neurochemistry associated with motivation and success.

Although many factors go into the makeup of a successful individual, the key chemical is dopamine. Our motivation and reward system is dependent on this neurotransmitter as it causes our behavior to become goal-oriented. Our ability to think abstractly as well as our clarity of distant space and time is enhanced by dopamine. Simply put, dopamine enhancement can help us to perceive our goals as closer and our rewards sweeter.

In 2011, Dr. Hemmen began to consider natural ways to support and enhance our motivation and reward system based on natural herbs and amino acids. He then began to develop this supplement beverage to take us “beyond energy,” and the concept of Aquadopa was born.