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Why Dopamine???

The intent of coffee and energy consumers is simply to turn up dopamine! That is because the lure of caffeine in our society is largely due to its “enhancement” of brain dopamine, the“master lightbulb” of Humanity. Billions of us look to caffeine every morning to elevate both mood and performance.

However, a deeper and more-sustained effect is achieved by supplementing dopamine, or “fueling” it. L-dopa is the amino acid fuel of dopamine, and its usage as a “neuro-supplement” is growing worldwide for mood, performance and health.

By being the first to combine L-dopa AND caffeine into a performance drink, BeyondEnergy represents a “quantum leap” in the market. The combination synergizes to enhance the very essence of WHY we consume “energy” products in the first place.

Why Dopamine

Dopamine is why we consume “energy”. It’s the dopamine that feels good and compels us to go forward. Dopamine IS “energy”, and therefore caffeine and L-dopa are the only true ingredients for “energy”.That’s it. All others are secondary. So an L-dopa supplement “energy drink” makes perfect sense and therefore BeyondEnergy serves to finally “complete” the evolution of the energy market.

If we look at “energy” through a prism, it breaks down into its individual performance components, vision, planning and execution, or “executive energy”. We visualize what we want to happen, we plan how to get it, and then we execute the plan; one, two, three. We do this continually as humans, living largely in the abstract of our future. Executive energy really defines Humanity, and when turned up, it becomes motivation, creativity and drive. We simply say, BE Up, BE On, BE You!

Unlike dopamine itself which does not cross into the brain, L-dopa taken orally does cross freely into the brain where it then converts to dopamine. It loads your “dopamine bank”, instead of depleting it like other substances. That is why the L-dopa effect is prolonged compared to caffeine, and with a cumulative benefit. This includes alleviating “dopamine deficient” states, like ADD and addiction.

L-dopa is deeply regenerative to both mind and body and has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Mucuna pruriens is the herbal “adaptogen” that contains natural L-dopa, and BE is based on it.

As a powerful antioxidant and stimulator of GH/Testosterone, L-dopa is fast becoming a central key to anti-aging medicine. And, considering the momentum of the scientific evidence in the last 20 years, L-dopa will likely prolong neurologic health! L-dopa is a true “neuro-supplement”.

Dr. Andy Hemmen, the creator of BE, has consumed 1-2 of his drinks most days for over 6 years and credits his mental and physical fitness to his prolonged dopamine supplementation.

Brain health never felt this good…!”

To thrive as a practicing physician, entrepreneur and motivator, the doc relies on his supplement drink and endorses for virtually everyone.

“The most important thing to supplement is dopamine. After all, it’s YOU!

And natural L-dopa via BeyondEnergy is the way! Just BE!

“God invented dopamine!
We just sell it…!”

– Andrew Hemmen, MD
Creator of BeyondEnergy

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