Start Drinking BE… and See Where Life Takes You!

BE Up!

Vision and Motivation…
fueled by dopamine

BE On!

Dopamine and Creativity

BE You!

Drive and Perseverance…
fueled by dopamine.

Why I drink BeyondEnergy?

Mood and Performance like no other…
Performance Neuro-Supplement
“The Dopamine Drink”
Dr Andy

Start Drinking BE… and See Where Life Takes You!

BeyondEnergy is a the only true “Performance Neuro-Supplement” drink.
Cumulative benefit of ongoing mood and performance enhancement.
“Brain Health never felt this good!”
Dr Andy

Beyond Dr Andy, Why and How We Created BE.

Dopamine is “energy”. It’s really that simple.
BeyondEnergy with L-dopa then completes the evolution of the energy market.
Dr Andy on the Why, How and What of the “Dopamine Drink”.

Dr Andy on Dopamine

Dopamine is the fuel of Humanity.
“It’s to be celebrated and supplemented.”
Dr Andy

Executive Energy and L-dopa Dr Andy

Visualize, Plan, Execute. 1,2,3.
That’s how we create our future, constantly. And it’s driven by dopamine.
When fueled up it becomes motivation, creativity and drive…
Dr Andy

Attention Deficit and Dopamine

Attention Deficit is a “dopamine-deficient” condition.
All therapies involve boosting dopamine in some way.
It only makes sense then to fuel your dopamine naturally with L-dopa to increase cognitive control, and alleviate attention deficit.

L Dopa and the Mind-Body Connection Dr Andy

Dopamine facilitates our mind-body connection.
L-dopa reconnects those with Parkinson’s.
L-dopa enhances the mind-body connection for the rest of us.
Performance enhancement with fluid body control.
Being “In the zone”!

L-dopa Health Dr Andy

Dr Andy on the many health benefits of natural L-dopa.
Mucuna pruriens, the source of L-dopa, is an herbal “Adaptogen” which has been used for centuries in Indian Medicine.
Brain anti-oxidant
GH, Testosterone.
Ayurveda, Adaptogen, Anti-aging.

BeyondEnergy …just BE!

“The Dopamine Drink”
The evolution of energy is now complete…
Dr Andy
…just BE!



Start Drinking BE… and See Where Life Takes You!

BE your Genius, every day.

Everyone is a #genuis. Those that #succeed and conquer their greatest goals are those that are #motivated from within. #BeyondEnergy is the world’s only #beverage that promotes a natural increase in #ldopa better known as #dopamine. If you’re searching to push yourself (both mind and body) then it’s time to #GoBeyondEnergy.

When you feel like a winner, You become one!

#BE yourself and be #happy! #BeyondEnergy is the world’s first #supplement that #fuels #motivation. Every single day you have the opportunity to just #BE. Stop drinking #energydrinks that feel empty, start supplementing your #dopamine with BeyondEnergy.

Delivering a new form of energy … fueling dopamine

All great things take time and while we’ve seen #GoBeyondEnergy evolve over the years, one thing has never changed … our mission to fueling #pure #energy with #dopamine. #motivation #bemotivated #motivateyourself

Mucuna – The key to fueling our dopamine and motivation

#Mucuna, the enhancement is due to its L-dopa … fueling our #dopamine and #motivation. #GoBeyondEnergy


#BeyondEnergy represents the “quantum leap” in the #energy drink market, as #dopamine is the true intention of energy consumers. Based on L-dopa #fueling dopamine, BeyondEnergy gets your energy going forward! All-day!

It comes from our deepest energy. Our soul!

Fuel your #creativity #naturally with #BeyondEnergy. #dopamine #motivation #Mucuna #music

What do you want from your energy product?

Energy isn’t created equal … Don’t Settle for Empty Energy Drinks!

A natural way to treat “Attention Deficit” disorders

All therapies for treating “Attention Deficit” involve enhancing dopamine … #natural L-dopa sourced from #Mucuna is being successfully used by a growing number of students for enhance #academic #performance.

Motivation When You Need It!

#BeyondEnergy is different because it powers motivation when you need it the most. Bring our your best with “The Dopamine Drink”. #JustBE

BE Motivated!

The first and only drink to motivate you … “The Dopamine Drink”. #BeyondEnergy

Just BE!

Motivation and Performance

#Dopamine fuels our motivation, feel the uplifting energy … just BE!

The world’s only drink that fuels dopamine.

Billions of us look to caffeine every morning to elevate both mood and performance … But only #BeyondEnergy can deliver. See why #BE is the only drink that fuels dopamine directly with the amino L-dopa.

Dopamine Workout

Hear it from the doc…
Getting that dopamine workout!
just BE!

Hear it from the doc…

Getting that dopamine workout!
just BE!



Start Drinking BE… and See Where Life Takes You!

Lifehack your energy!

Dr. Hemmen has changed the way you energize your life. It’s time for a better quality of energy. Beyond Energy is the best way to be the best you, longer! The DOPAMINE drink of the future.

Aquadopa – Los Angeles

Aquadopa energized the ladies from Melrose PR at the #Fitfluence event at YouTube last night! #Gobeyondenergy


The week is almost over….and it’s time for the weekend! Grab some Aquadopa after work and be recharged! #Sodopa

Aquadopa – Santa Monica beach

We brought Aquadopa to Santa Monica beach— Look what our drink inspired local Michah Karns to do! #BeyondEnergy