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L-Dopa, naturally-sourced​

L-dopa is the amino acid that converts to dopamine in the brain. It can be thought of as the “dopamine supplement,” and it works really fast! In BE, L-dopa naturally “fuels” dopamine, turning “energy” into MOTIVATION! Mucuna is the natural source.​

Mucuna pruriens​

Mucuna is rich with L-dopa, it's only natural source. So, Mucuna is essentially “oral dopamine”, the only natural way. Beyond L-dopa, Mucuna contains a universe of other healthy biomolecules, including polyphenols. BE is based on this “adaptogenic” herb which has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurveda for its rejuvenating properties.​


Tyrosine is where L-dopa comes from in our brains normally. Tyrosine is in our diet, and a multitude of nootropic preparations today with the intention of dopamine support. Taurine increases GABA, adding a slight calming effect. Great for cardiovascular support.


Because it “amplifies” our dopamine system, caffeine is the most-used “drug” on the planet! We love it for that reason. In BE, caffeine and L-dopa synergize around dopamine to enhance ourselves Beyond caffeine alone. BE gets your energy going forward…!​

BE Intentional

BE is intended as a healthy, rejuvenating, motivating, mood-elevating, performance-enhancing, sustainable, nootropic elixir that specifically and directly fuels and supports our dopamine system, because it is dopamine that ultimately drives us to the future. just BE!


Mucuna, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Green Tea, ginger. BE has enormous antioxidant power! With Mucuna, BE may be the highest in the market. Multiple studies have shown Mucuna to reduce neuroinflammation in the brain, possibly reducing the risk of neurodegeneration and associated diseases like Parkinson’s (dagger). Mucuna has incredible potential as a modality of healing.


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