A sense of clarity and optimism toward the future. Our goals and aspirations seem closer and more attainable. Confident to push the limits… High ambition closely correlates with great mood!

The purest “energy”!


Dopamine sharpens the mind-body connection, lubricating our fluidity and precision, engaging our nervous system to the space and time of the immediate. Feeling 10 steps ahead…

In the zone…


Dopamine facilitates “working memory”, which represents our ability to hold data, process it and execute tasks. Supercharges our brain’s innate operating system for enhanced “cognitive control”.

Laser focused!


Dopamine facilitates our ability to manipulate ideas outside of our immediate time and space. From the arts to governments, and from economies to companies, our world largely exists in the abstract. Einstein downplayed being exceptionally “smart”. Instead he claimed that, “I just stay on the problem longer…”. His “laboratory” was entirely in the abstract.

insight and creativity

The Dopamine Drink

Just BE

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