BEYOND COVID-19 UPDATE: Welcome to BE, you can continue to enjoy our original flavor. The enhanced product with 3 new flavors will now be available in 2021.

Go Beyond Caffeine

Supplement dopamine directly
…for enhanced motivation and performance.

L-dopa fuels Dopamine

…and our drives.
It’s pure human energy and motivation!

Caffeine + L-dopa

Work in synergy
for enhanced mood and motivation

No Sugar Added
20 Calories
Adaptogen from Ayurveda


BE Up, BE On, BE You!

Our mission is to BE the unequivocal leader of the emerging “dopamine market”.
– Dr Andy

The Dopamine Drink

Dopamine is at the heart of what it is to be Human.
It’s what fuels our motivation, our creativity and our drives….

L-dopa is the amino acid which supplements dopamine.

When ingested, L-dopa crosses into the brain elevating dopamine levels enhancing its effect.

Though L-dopa is an amino, it is not part of our regular diet.

A natural form of L-dopa derived from an herb has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurveda.
It is profoundly beneficial in terms of health, well-being and performance.

Using extracts from the herb we have formulated natural L-dopa, along with caffeine and other supporting ingredients, into a healthy performance tool, a “dopamine supplement drink”, for enhancing mood and performance smoothly over hours.

Since the entire energy and caffeine markets are really about dopamine, why would drink anything less?

“Performance Neuro-Supplements” are the future.

“Brain health never felt this good!”

Andrew Hemmen, MD Creator and Consumer of BeyondEnergy